If I had to choose a favorite cake that I make, it would be a toss up between the monster cake (tutorial here) and this owl cake. Most of the time I make this cake for little 1 year olds.

Yummy Owls

Cupcake cake with owl pops in the tree use your own recipe for the cupcakes and then add green food coloring to the frosting you are making the leaves in the tree. The chocolate frosting for the trunk of the tree. Make owl pops and stick them in randomly.

Bake an Adorable and Delicious Owl Sponge Cake

How to Bake an Adorable and Delicious Owl Sponge Cake


Wonderful DIY Cute Owl Cake

Owls are a popular choice when it comes to animal design cakes and owl cakes goes well with birthdays, anniversaries or other fun gatherings .

Owl cake fan share. Visit our blog for links and more owl inspiration.

Visit our owl cakes share. PartyAnimalOnline customers who have shared their owl inspired cakes as part of our animal cake theme. Owl inspiration for all.

Cakes don't have to be a boring shape all the time. Everyone expects a circular cake, or even a rectangular one. If you're going to a kid's party or a baby shower, consider making this really cute .

Adorable Owl Themed Birthday Cakes - Sassy Dealz

Adorable Owl Themed Birthday Cakes

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Owl Strawberries with Philadelphia Cream Cheese

diy owl strawberries with philadelphia cream Wonderful DIY Sweet Strawberry Owls With Crispy Nests