Giraffe in a NY Yellow cab! ~ New York-Safari Poster. We all know New York is a jungle, now we can get a ride with a giraffe! LOL What do you think giraffe said to the taxi driver?

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Giraffe's back -5x7Print

Psychedelic rainbow giraffe "basically what I was looking for in a giraffe tattoo.

Girafa Eiffel

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Leap Frog er Giraffe filmguys

Funny pictures about Leap giraffe. Oh, and cool pics about Leap giraffe. Also, Leap giraffe.

...degrees of difficult. I think faith is about having joy in spite of our circumstances due to the fact that it contributes to the glory of God in a way that we may or may not ever know about...not about believing if I just make it though this circumstance then I have a great reward coming to ME. I do...but not necessarily in the form of earthly success...or happiness...just joy which is an entirely different thing.

Turtles are one of the coupple of animals that have survived since the dinosours ages. Turtles are in big danger now because they have predators and also some humans likes to eat their eggs. Life is hard for turtles all the time. I LOVE SEA TURTLES



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Giraffes make me happy.RAINBOW giraffes make me incredibly happy!

zooborns:  Seattle’s Tallest Baby Born at Woodland Park Zoo  Few species can boast a 6-foot tall week-old infant, but the Rothschild’s Giraf...

zooborns: “ Seattle’s Tallest Baby Born at Woodland Park Zoo “ Few species can boast a tall week-old infant, but the Rothschild’s Giraffe is certainly one of them! Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo.


Since tiny giraffes are all the rage thanks to those DirecTV ads, here are a bunch of real life mini-raffes. Giraffes are weird and beautiful creatures. Kind of lIke elongated goats.