Celica character design

Celica Artwork of Celica by Masatsugu Saitou, as she appears in DLC for Fire Emblem: Awakening GameFire Emblem Gaiden

Female armor

sekigan: (1) Female armor

What gorgeous armor! And very practical (Though of course, her chest prolly wouldn't be revealed in actual armor, as that would be an obvious place for the enemy to jab at) Still, fantastic art!


arlmuffin blue eyes cargo pants casual commander shepard commander shepard (female) hands in pockets hood down hoodie lips mass effect messy hair armor pants redhead short hair solo

Korea_Yongsik Jung  personal works

Beautiful Anime Style Sci-Fi Fantasy Art Collection — GeekTyrant, Yong-Sik Jung, if anyone can confirms, beautiful, neat lines with vibrant colors

ジーパラドットコム:『英雄伝説 閃の軌跡II』プロローグ&メインキャラ4人の情報を公開!

Meet Adain son of the Leader of the Jaeger Mercenary Group. While he is a talented swordsman he is self centered and lacks the altruism and kindness of his father