I know piano players make it seem so easy, but it's really not and until you start breaking it down for a four-year-old to grasp it, you won't see the depths of its difficulty. There are three laye...

Processes involved in learning how to play the piano

I see the piano and I get scared. I finally sit down and play….then all at once my thoughts wander away and I start smiling and my heart flows with the music


I played alone, daydreamed or strolled in the woods alone, and had a secret world of my own. ~Carl Jung, MDR, Page

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piano piano!

I want to learn to play the piano and then I want to learn to write music and make several songs that I can play for my family and my future children and grandchildren.

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I would love this in our piano room! clever digi graphic illustration contemporary print art for music or recording room

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Ivanka Trumps adorable mini piano for her daughter Arabella!


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