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Nina Katchadourian borrows the words she uses for her unusual poetry from the spines of books. She arranges those spines, book upon book, so that they form brief poems that are often insightful and surprising.

Profound and hilarious poetry written by arranging book spines

Nina Katchadourian: “Sorted Books” details 20 years of creating whimsical sentences out of book titles. (Photo by Nina Katchadourian, courtesy of the artist and Catharine Clark gallery, San Francisco)

The San Francisco Public Library in illustrations - go look at the whole thing! Also, they have a social worker! How awesome is that?

panels from Wendy MacNaughton's "Meanwhile, The San Francisco Public Library". Uh-MAY-zing. Love the card catalog.

Playful Book Spine Poetry by Nina Katchadourian

Playful Book Spine Poetry by Nina Katchadourian

"Primitive Art - Just Imagine Picasso Raised by Wolves". Akron Stacks from the Sorted Books project

Book spine poetry

Book spine poetry

Arist Jan Reymond created this after the book fair at Romainmôtier, a small quiet Swiss town near the border with France. (photo credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/overthemoon/1392424865/#) #textbooksart #textbooks

it's raining books! it's raining books! 31794 Newer Older Foire aux livres, Romainmôtier Second-hand book fair. Archway between abbey courtyard and main street.

Book-Spine-Haiku Miss Nelson is missing; The search for forensic evidence; George did it.

10 Best Psychology and Philosophy books of 2012. Sometimes I like to read something a little different...good reviews before you commit to buying/borrowing and diving in!

The 10 Best Psychology and Philosophy Books of 2012

"You are not so smart / Thinking, fast and slow / This will make you smarter" Book Spine Poetry

Book Spine Poetry. A "Between the Covers" Summer Reading display coming soon to the Portage Library!

A "Between the Covers" Summer Reading display coming soon to the Portage Library! For National Poetry Month--April

Book Spine Wedding Invitation: The marriage plot/the history of us/call it what you want/lucky break/paradise/wonderland/the greatest thing since sliced bread./Everything happens today/the rehearsal/the wedding/take this man/take me home/crossing to safety/a long and happy life/at last.

Amazing Wedding Invite Uses Book Spine Poetry

book spine poetry: "people occupy everything / everything sings a glorious enterprise / this is new york"

Book Spine Poetry vol. 3: New York

Book Spine Poetry vol. New York By: Maria Popova -"The charismatic chaos of the city, captured in book spines.

For April, National Poetry Month, we invited library users to send us poems "written" using book titles.

For April, National Poetry Month, we invited library users to send us poems "written" using book titles.

Sorted Books by Nina Katchadourian.

Sorted Books Revisited: Artist Nina Katchadourian’s Playfully Arranged Book Spine Sentences

Neil Gaiman - "Instructions" Kinetic Typography

A piece of kinetic typography, set to (an abridged version of) Neil Gaiman's poem "Instructions", as read by the author.

Sorted Books by Nina Katchadourians  At once illuminating and thought provoking and at times laugh-out-loud funny, this is a visual and literary treat, conceptual artist Nina Katchadourian selects and stacks books so that the titles can be read as sentences forming whimsical, witty and poignant poems

Nina Katchadourian's Sorted Books

Artist Nina Katchadourian on the sculpture in Sorted Books and why she won't stand for her work being described as whimsical