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A 1956 pink bathroom from the Better Homes & Gardens Decorating Book. Our first house had a PINK bathroom. Every wall, every fixture!

pink baths were popular in the 50's thanks to Mamie Eisenhower

pink baths were popular in the thanks to Mamie Eisenhower- we had a pink sink, toilet and tub in the house I grew up in!

50s bathroom

1957 American Standard Bathroom (American Vintage Home) Tags: pink blue green modern bathroom design interior fixtures style retro tub midcentury americanstandard neoangle

1953 Kohler Bathroom.  Ideas for combining peach, white, sky blue and "slate" blue.

1953 Kohler Bathroom - Colorful Coral, Blue, and Yellow Mid Century Bath - Retro Interior Design

1950s bathroom w/pink and gray color.... love the anchors

bathrooms--Totally reminds me of our house when we first moved in, but me had the mint green going, as well.