Client ZaraArt Direction Daniel SilvaDesign Eddie YauDigital Art Xiong DuoDescription Collages mixing with the wolf and the mountain peaks by realistic painting and retouching

Weekly Inspiration 47 | BlazePress

Weekly Inspiration 47 | BlazePress


Indigenous, nature, wildlife and companion animal news.

Back off !!!

If you could combine any two animals into one fantastical creature, what would you create? A Snowl Leopard? A Butterphant? Sure the laws of nature don’t really allow for such things (ligers and wholphins aside),

Grey Wolf. Wow He's beautiful.

Snarled - to growl threateningly or viciously, especially with a raised upper lip to bare the teeth, as a dog. The stranger snarled at Valerie for peering at his mobile phone's screen.

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