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Hahahah a

Funny theory about the application process for a job at IKEA, with a humourous nod to the incomprehensible system they have to move within the store.

Im crying

Im crying

sell my first born to know how this story started

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No, no, he's a part of the cavalry for the Skeleton War

Very funny :)<<they overlooked the fact that that is obviously supposed to be a horse that's used in a war since the skeleton War is.- wait, why does the SKELETON horse have ears?

18 Perfect Responses For When Someone Texts You ‘K’

18 Perfect Responses For When Someone Texts You “K”. Seriously, I hate it when people just reply with "K". I always say like "Okie", "okie dokie Loki", "yes siree", etc.

fun facts

We have rounded up some random and interesting, yet true, facts that might boggle your mind. Also the first image is of Lindsey Stirling, violinist.

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This must happen!!!! I'd watch this so many times.this needs to happen. Come on Hollywood we're giving you ideas.

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I dunno who Jeff goldblum is but I would so watch a movie like this sounds hilarious.

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Honestly my reaction to finding a dead body in a game is "well darn", but also I'm pretty sure most people would scream or freak out if they saw a room covered in blood