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kind of like being female doesn't make you interested in every man *sigh*


Of course women dress for themselves, looking good to feel good about yourself is nothing unheard of among men, but too many seem to exclude women from this logic


This is something that young employees need to know. Being 19 in the workforce I don't have much experience but I usually stay quiet when they talk personal.


You have to be able to have a discussion with your significant other about what you need for sexual things as well as what they can improve on.


It even applies to females or males being straight and finding other girls or boys attractive or being a gay male finding girls attractive


Then imagine how bad it is in This is definitely a sign that the American school system fucked up somewhere along the way.

Hahah equality! http://weheartit.com/entry/193558203

I like to call it "equal opportunity skimpy". Have a 'regular' version and a 'sexy' version. Everybody wins.