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Preston Blair’s Animation (Book is the best “how to” book on cartoon animation ever published. When Blair put the book together in he used the characters he had animated at Disney and MGM to illustrate the various basic principles of animation.

Jim Macaulay feet 01 463x600 So you hate drawing feet?

Academy of Art Character and Creature Design Notes: Foot Reference Character Design 25 Astonishing Character Designs and Zbrush Models


Time for another quick and dirty anatomy lesson with Turtle, as promised!The Arm (dun dun d. Q+D Anatomy Lessons- Arms and Shoulders

EDIT: Some of you have mentioned that the "hands are soft" thing is wrong and it only makes hands look unnatural. I don't disagree with you, however, I only wanted to point out that fingers shouldn...

tips for drawing hands by cynellisdeviantartcom on deviantart sketch drawing illustration inspiratio 2

Men that look like men: Part 1 by what-i-do-is-secret on deviantART via by deirdre

Men that look like men drawing tutorial - eyes, Face - Male anatomy - drawing Reference