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Fall Out Boy releasing a perfume called "Scenturies" LOL yas this needs to my happen!

"Unpublished stories from independent writers online" Lol. Best description of fanfic ever. <<< I actually saw this post. Hilarious.

"Unpublished stories from independent writers online." That's what I plan to tell people if they ever catch me reading fanfiction.


And Panic! At the Disco and Imagine Dragons and Cobra Starship and Starset *muttering* and Starish. (And tøp, panic at the disco, mcr, three days grace.

My mom and dad always make jokes about my bands and some are actually funny and I need a tumblr cx

My Chemical Steady Relationship "When I was an old girl my mother took my to the country to see a marching band She said daughter when I somehow am old Will you not be the savior for anything and just be a jerk to everyone.

Fall Out Boy

"Bandwagons full, please catch another", "We're bored to death in heaven and all alone in hell, we only want to be ourselves", "I believe we all fall down sometimes", "Saviour will be there when you are feeling alone", "Sometimes before it gets better the darkness gets bigger and the person you would take a bullet for is right behind the trigger", "You are what you love not who loves you"

when our momma sang us to sleep but now we're stressed out.>>>Sometimes before it gets better the darkness get bigger, the person that you'd take a bullet for is behind the trigger.

It's funny, because this is exactly what I've been doing most of the evening, but right now I'm listening to Bang the Doldrums and yelling "YOU'RE ALL WRONG / ARE WE ALL WRONG?" really loud in my head, so….But this is spot on. Incredibly so. Every single song of theirs, somehow, has The Comfort Food Quality.

I usually listen to a combination of FOB, BVB and band interviews because they make me laugh


There was that video were it had a jump cut and Tyler said "guys I just learned something about phill and I'm not allowed to tell you"

Well it's better to face these kind of things, with a point of rationality

At the disco<<Excuse you, but it's Panic! At the Discount. <<<< "what beautiful melon" dear god<<<<“I write sins not shopping receipts” I just die

Had something similar happen at school with "you're gonna go far kid"

We're making imovies and one of the songs in the audio starts with the g-note and one kid was editing their movie with no headphones and that song played and my head snapped up