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Fall Out Boy releasing a perfume called "Scenturies" LOL yas this needs to my happen!

My mom and dad always make jokes about my bands and some are actually funny and I need a tumblr cx

My Chemical Steady Relationship "When I was an old girl my mother took my to the country to see a marching band She said daughter when I somehow am old Will you not be the savior for anything and just be a jerk to everyone.

Not FOB or ATL...but hah yess

The boys will fall out and hit an all time low. What with the sirens sleeping after they pierced the veil for romanticizing the chemicals for those 5 seconds of summer in 1975 when the day turned green,

"Unpublished stories from independent writers online" Lol. Best description of fanfic ever. <<< I actually saw this post. Hilarious.

"Unpublished stories from independent writers online." That's what I plan to tell people if they ever catch me reading fanfiction.

Or why haven't I had those funny teen adventures like in the movies.