She was blown away by how perfectly Alannah fit into a normal life. She was just another face in the crowd, like she was made for that kind of world. Maeve almost envied her sister that. Maeve knew she would never have that, not that she really wanted it.

Original Sketch - 9" x 12" Fashion Girl Holding Bag Drawing

scarlette she has a choice when she leaves hogwarts and this is when she says goodbye to the burrow and atarts travelling aorund the owrld

long thin strip of card. Self portraits of you in different get ups. Drawing Style not to be as barbie ish as these tho!

hpjfrqBoiWc.jpg (604×597)

Creature Sketch / Drawing Illustration This must be the cutest thing i've ever seen!

Curly Girl-- Drawing #illustration #painting #drawing

An idea of what I want to draw. Only the hair covering up one eye, and I want the hair to be more flowy, not so curly. And I want the edges to just kind of "blend" into the paper o.

i love how the artist put color in places where i wouldn't think to...the skin and the jeans, especially

I love how the artist puts color in places where I wouldn't think of it.the skin and the jeans, especially

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wow, it's lovely by Fukari on deviantART

just me and my guardian wolf. I started to wear colorful clothes. FAQ: yes, my hair colour is like this C: no, it& only cheap fake of Martens :c but I have original white ones ^^