Joanne Nam

Joanne Nam's Ghostly Renderings

rfmmsd: “ Artist: Joanne Nam “White Forest” Oil on Wood Panel x ”

'Numb' from Joanne Nam ( ) for her upcoming solo show 'Hiatus' this Saturday October at Thinkspace. Six new oil paintings alongside three new works on paper will be on exhibit. Show opens this Sat. October with Nam in attendance by thinkspace_art

Friendship by on @deviantART - So much love between a girl and her best friend who happens to be a dragon!

T-T This reminds me. dragons' lifespans are longer than humans' lifespans. That means that by the time Hiccup dies, Toothless will still be young.<<<It kind of reminds me more of Eragon




"Oblivion" - Joanne Nam, oil on wood panel {contemporary figurative art beautiful female standing woman painting}

Paintings by Los Angeles-based Korean artist Joanne Nam (previously featured here and here). More images below.                   Joanne Nam on Tumblr Joanne Nam on Instagram

Artist Spotlight: Joanne Nam

Zeng Chuanxing- LOVELOVELOVE this painting!!!

Classical realism: Zeng Chuanxing’s paper brides portraits of ‘minority’ women. Zeng was born in Sichuan province, China. Images from various sources

paintings by michael carson

michael_carson_again.jpg Almost exactly one year later, and I am still jealous of American painter Michael Carson… but here's a new twist… I'm also very jealous of my friend .


Oil paintings by Norwegian artist Christer Karlstad. Painter Christer Karlstad was born in He studied at The Norwegian National Academy of Fine Arts

Illustration  Ilustração

I love the giant octopus /Kraken and that it's got an island on its head (the good) protected by what lives beneath (the bad) . Add a ship and a tentacle out of water bringing it down (the problem)