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The anger that Hulk expresses is well-captured in this art by Joe Jusko


Wolverine By Dexter Soy - Marvel Comics - Xmen - Avengers - James Logan Howlett - Comic Book Art

Darkseid / Stjepan Sejic

Darkseid by Nebezial. Watch the animated Justice League for a good Darkseid episode. One where him and Superman battle. This is one of the FEW times you will really see Superman break out of character and have some real ass kicking attitude.

The Hulk    the hulk faces many common enemies such as another hulk or sometimes armies. In the averages he takes down an army of robots and helps take down thors brother

Hulk Body, The Incredible Hulk by aaronsimscompany in Marvel Comics Superheroes: Showcase of Colorful Fan Artworks.

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Considered by many as the best hulk artist - Dale Keown.

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Today we will learn how to draw Hulk. But first here are some facts about this character: At first he was gray as a werewolf. But later the authors changed his color

Harley Quinn and Batman

BATMAN- Harley Quinn Wowsers love this genuine next tattoo contender