This is what I want to do with Alisha and Sage when I get them together....soooo cute!

Adorable knit crochet mermaid costume for a baby girl.I'm gonna have to remember this as a Halloween costume when i have kids. So cute!


Just want to hug/squish this little cutie. So cute in the little Baby Duck Costume

Cabelo de lã bebê

Easy and Comfy Costume for Babies: Cabbage Patch Twins. These little ones may never see a cabbage patch doll, but they sure are cute!

hahahaha oh my lord

Whether you are looking for Halloween costume ideas for your baby or just want to smile and laugh at some ridiculously cute babies in costumes, you are in the right place!

Children imitating famous movie characters

Children imitating famous movie characters

These are some bad ass costumes for kids. LOVE the joker. I think that kid is in character. I'm pretty sure I'll have kids mostly just to dress them up for Halloween.

taco baby :) its not child abuse if they're cute while doing it

Funny pictures about This is a baby dressed as a taco. Oh, and cool pics about This is a baby dressed as a taco. Also, This is a baby dressed as a taco photos.

Forest Gump

Forrest Gump and Lieutenant Dan! i'm dying! This is a must do halloween! (maybe toddler girl for mama, baby boy dan, and you forrest- .maybe, point being so many possibilities!

Cute John Deere costume!  Make a tractor out of a cardboard box and add some overalls!

- John Deere farmer and tractor easy to make! This is my nephews next Halloween costume! But make the wagon a tractor. Or we can be farmers and kids animals?

20 easy diy projects - reposting for the mummy doll for halloween

A simple DIY Baby Cow Costume.with an UDDER! Make a cute (and humorous) little Baby Cow Costume. Simple and fun!

when i have a little girl i will make sure she is Boo for halloween lol <3

Playtime Cheat Sheet No. 3: Warm Weather Play

Coolest Little Boo and Monsters Inc. Character Costumes my daughter will have this! and my husband and i will dress up as mike and. the other monster!