Recycled robots

Recycled Robots

Recycled robots in packagings metals art with Sculpture Robot Recycled Cans Art

Recycled Robot Folk Art at

Mars Galaxy Robot Red

Roven Red Recycled Robot Folk Art-This primitive folk art red robot is hand made in the USA with recycled tin cans, wires and bottle caps. Each robot is artist made, so the details and hand painted details may vary. That makes each robot unique

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General Filter 513 - Found Object Robot Assemblage Sculpture by Brian Marshall

Robot Dog

Robot Dog- my mom use to make jello in containers very similar to this dogs feet

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Robot sculpture assembled from found objects by Brian Marshall - Wilmington, DE. Items included in my sculptures vary from vintage household kitchen ite.


Cork robots kit by Reddish Studio; great way to use all those corks up- make up a little box with all the supplies needed