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College dorms don't exactly have a rep for being the most beautiful living spaces. But here's a lesson to all the soon-to-be-freshmen out there in the world: Life is a whole lot more fun if you learn to think on the bright side. What dorm rooms might lack in style, they make up for in neutrality. Your white concrete cube is a blank canvas to get creative with some beautiful solutions.

The Very Best (and Best-Looking) Dorm Storage Solutions

Is 8-Year-Old Kristina Pimenova the Most Beautiful Girl in the World? She is from Moscow, has over 2 million likes on Facebook and 416,000 follower on Instagram. Her Mother is a Model and her Manager

Is 8-Year-Old Kristina Pimenova the Most Beautiful Girl in the World?

Beauty is in the eye of the potato. And it’s also in the bite of the picnic-ready potato salad that everyone will be raving about. These are all the potato salad recipes you need.

9 Crazy-Good Potato Salads

Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart. Check out more inspirational quotes by checking out TOMS Who We Are board.

20 Of Our Favorite Beauty Quotes To Remember

8 stunning waterfalls within a short drive of nashville.   Burgess Falls is a beautiful waterfall in Sparta, TN

8 Stunning Waterfalls Within a Short Drive of Nashville

Our beautiful 'Jabir' persian rug, this hand loomed beauty is straight from Iran & is looking all sexy this fiiiiiiine Monday
Today’s post I am particularly excited to write. So read it. Don’t skip and read just the pictures. :) So allergy season is in full swing now, at least it is down in the South. Have I always had aller
Cayo Guillermo, Cuba - closest thing to Bora Bora for my broke arse!

17 Perfect Place To Go For Your Honeymoon

Visiting Savannah? Don't miss these 14 must see free things to do in Savannah Georgia. Visiting this beautiful city should kill your budget!

14 Must See Free Things to do in Savannah Georgia