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Yuki *-* Vampire Knight

Ten years prior to the events of "Vampire Knight," Yuuki was attacked by a…

Yuki (:

Beautiful anime wallpaper from Vampire Knight uploaded by Drakill - 'm Waiting for You

Yuuki and Zero of "Vampire Knight"

Matsuri Hino's "Vampire Knight" (Guilty) - Episode 1 [Sinners Of Fate] - matsuri-hino Screencap

Zero went to the Night Class to be with Yuuki I guess...

Commission for Thanks for the commission and inspiration. I even started watching Vampire Knight, which is actually much better than I expected.

yuki cross vampire cosplay - Google Search

Yuki's pose says, 'I'm so terrified and confused that I'm just going to go into fetal position hugging this bloody stuffed animal!That is obviously Yuki before she turns into a vampire!