Uchiha Obito was the biggest victims  of war ,he lost everything included his lovest #anime #cosplayclass #naruto #cosplay

Obito's actions and choices are understandable. Even though they were wrong you can't completely blame him. Obito is Naruto, except Naruto had the will to never give in. Plus, Uchiha have the Curse of Hatred

The three members of Team 7 showed grief in very different ways. - Haruno Sakura, Uchiha Sasuke and Uzumaki Naruto

Naruto....well thanks to bolt Kakashi now has a mouth

This is what Boruto wrote on every Hokage stoneface :))) Haha, Kakashi has just a mouth :))

People pair Ino with Kiba? Oh well everyone else is taken guess it's okay.

I ship Kiba and Hinata, Tenten and Neji, Naruto and Sasuke, Shikamaru and Temari, and idc abt Sakura and Ino

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Sadly they kind of did. Sauske is young Kakashi, Naruto is young Obito and Sakura is young Rin and Kakashi is Minoto.

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Naruto Uzumaki famous quotes from the seventh Hokage himself through the years