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This bottle design is really cool and it caught my eye because of the different colors and the pattern. I think this might be inspired by a different culture because of the design, but I'm not sure.

The goal was to create a coke bottle design that makes a statement on protecting Nature. My inspiration came from the totem poles and wood carving of Native Americans. Each bottle represents a totem pole that expresses the spiritual relationship be…

Coca-Cola Bottle Sleeve Design

Reflections of NatureDesigned 3 Coca-Cola Light bottles for limited edition runs of each including 100 highly exclusive collector’s packaging Integrated designs in complementary retail merchandising, window displays and press-kitsDesign Specs W…

“Tribute to Fashion” — Coca-Cola Light Fashion Show in Milan, Italy

kitsch limited edition bottle “Tribute to Fashion” — Coca-Cola Light Fashion Show in Milan, Italy

Coca Cola Light "Années 80" Limited Edition bottle designed by Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs x Coca-Cola light, zoom sur les bouteilles et la nouvelle pub vidéo mode

Coca Cola Light "Années Limited Edition bottle designed by Marc Jacobs

Coca-Cola Design Full Body Sleeve

Coca-Cola continues to use artists (fashion, music, etc.) to reach various markets in collecticle limited edition bottle designs (Bottle Design Coca Cola)

Coke World Cup bottles – Brazil

a Brazilian street artist and a Leeds design studio created Coke's World Cup identity

VIVA AGUASCALIENTES'N!!! Mexico’s Independence Bicentenary - Aguascalientes, Coca-Cola - 2010

Festival of Calaveras - Aguascaliente, MEX Popularized by José Guadalupe Posada, Catrina is the skeleton of an upper class woman, and one of the most popular figures of the Day of the Dead.

Chaque jour, 1.5 milliard de bouteilles de Coca-Cola sont vendues dans le monde. Rien que ça. Après notre top des prochains coca et le top des meilleures affiches de pub, Petite sélection des designs

Top 39 des bouteilles et canettes de Coca-Cola au design original ou rétro

More coke bottles featuring the London Olympics. I love the aluminum fashioned after the classic bottle, but this latest entry into the London Olympics branding sphere is about as exciting as the 2012 logo and its progeny.