BTS 으엥??? 엑소 가틍데... 저기 까망머리가 됴고, 빨강머리가 차녈이자나.. BTS->EXO

Que incrível,que obra de arte Claramente eu sou o Kai

Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh, this was the death of me, I’m pinning this on my grave-Al

When I saw this picture, my heart broke in pieces!  D;

Do we have no chance? Of happiness? Must we always be condemned to the realms of dark and light, death and life? Is there a way for us to make things right?

3 years with BTS FANART

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Imagina q o Suga é os meus objetivos e eu sou o Kook correndo atrás deles mas ai eu caio então essa é minha vida ;-;

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BTS Bangtan Boys/Sonyeondan fanart! Do u guys remember this scene? Hmm?

Here's what I got: apparently Jungkook's crying bc of VHope, Jimin's cheering them on, Jin's facepalming at the awkwardness of the situation.and random Sugamon in the last panel?

Ici vous pourrez trouver des images et des gifs de BTS... ~      Nombre de morts en lisant ce livre: 46k

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☽Kimi Arcøs 김남준☾

☽Kimi Arcøs 김남준☾