Halo shadow of intent novel. New female sangheili warrior, finally!

Sonic Boom: Worst selling “major” Sonic game of all time.

a monument that I'd like to sin to.

stupid sexy Cortana actually is a commission the client wanted a sexy Cortana, I was more than happy to do it! I took reference from all the halo games, it's actually a mashup of Cor.

Let's meet the John Liberto, senior concept artist at Oculus VR in Washington, working on the Halo franchise.

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4 ODST troopers deployed on a ruined city. Left to right: Sniper with her Suppressed Anti-Materiel Rifle, Radio Op and Spotter with his .

Sangheili Dark Templar #halo #elite #covenant #videogames #gaming

Sangheili Dark Templar #halo #elite #covenant #videogames #gaming

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permission to leave the station." "For what purpose master chief?" I tried to capture the badass moment . Return to Sender