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Sometimes I'm so tired in the morning and my pancakes look  like comfy pillows

This chick appears to have done "the Dianna Dive", or a full on face-plant, right smack into a fluffy stack of pancake goodness. my kinda life ♡.

out of topic, but possible the end

When things are bad and I'm feeling depressed or self destructive this is totally what I look like on the inside! I don't drink or do destructive stuff like this but damn my thoughts are this!

This is cool..... Wouldn't you love to know what she is reading.....

[73 images] La Sélection du Week End n°144

2/27: Irony: Babamukuru commends Jeremiah on the excellent job he did fixing the roof, when Tambu and Lucia were actually the ones to fix it. They "could not hide [their] smiles" (208) and Babamukuru said to Jeremiah "even your daughter is pleased when you have done a good job" (208). He has no idea that women worked to fix it.  He does not realize that women are equally as capable as men, and this will have consequences in the future.

Some of the absolute worst days of my life began when I woke up with X's where my eyes used to be. huNGovEr mucH?