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Yes, you are.

fuck yeah i love tea !

you are my cup of tea print

tea-- A cute thing to put in a card or on a shirt, cute way to tell someone you love them! (valentine's day?)

yes you are my lovelies xoxo Satori Tea Co.

get oolong | why can’t we all just get oolong? (tea pun!) Tea Hee

why can’t we all just get oolong? (tea pun!)

ah, tea humor!

There is always time for a cup of tea!

The cupcake included makes this even better:)

#Tea #Te

Tea is good in our body:

there is always time for tea

I love tea quotes!

Peter Pan...tea

Top 30 Best Peter Pan Quotes

Peter Pan quote, would you like tea or adventure first; for tea party tea time


Cup of tea colors

Come and share a pot of tea.  My home is warm and my friendship is free.

Pot of Tea Friendship Sampler

Tepidophobia” yani kötü demlenmiş/hazırlanmış çay içme korkusu. Çayın fobisi olursa böyle olur işte. Hem söylemesi de çok havalı değil mi?   Ben de ”Tepidophobia” var şekerim, her yerde çay içemiyorum.

Tea Quote of the Day: Tepidophobia


Looking for Steeped Tea consultants in USA and Canada…

We are lovers & friends

I just wanna cuddle and drink tea with you. I am a BIG time cuddler!

Aquí sólo se sirve buen té

Proper tea - leaf tea in a pot, not a nasty old teabag hanging over the side of a cup!

slepping bueaty

The Sleeping BeauTea.

Tea is like a sunrise in a cup.

I heart tea

Raspberry tea also helps with menstrual cramps
Mint tea also aids digestion and helps nausea

Black tea, chamomile tea, green tea, white tea, cat tea (how adorable) and hibiscus tea! A short and lovely bit of explanation of only some of the health benefits of different teas.