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Reposted in memory of Severus Snape(Alan Rickman) He died last night and this morning was made official. RIP Alan Rickman we will remember you

J.K. Rowling being Rowling. Harry Potter.

30 day Book Challenge Day - A book that reminds you of home - The stories we love best do live in us forever. So whether you come back by page, or by the big screen, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.

Harry Potter has probably taught me more that school has. Just saying!

Day 33: Life lessons we learned from Harry Potter

Collection of best quotes from Harry Potter series.We have gathered some of the best quotation from Harry Potter books which you can find here.

Not this design specifically, but I like the idea of a tattoo with a picture inside the negative space of another picture. Probably would want a raven in black, with a wolf within it

Yes, he does :)

I remember watching this scene for the first time and laughing my head off. It was my favorite quote in all of the movies Especially with Kingsley's voice ^-^

sorting hats song from the chamber of secrets

the sorting hat's song (i was legitimately sorted into gryffindor by the sorting hat back in Haney, Grove & i went to a huge harry potter party at joseph beth booksellers and it really happened.

Muggle quidditch really exists

Easy simple rules to how to play Quidditch I want my college to start a team so bad! Who wants to play Quidditch?

Love this quote: "It is our choices, Harry, that show us who we truly are, far more than our abilities."

"It is our choices, Harry, that show us who we truly are, far more than our abilities" - Albus Dumbledore (JK Rowling, Harry Potter & The Chamber of Secrets).

two of my favorite things: aladdin and harry potter.

Harry Potter Meets Lolcatz

oh my goodness I can't be the only person who knew that the quote was from Aladdin. That's what the genie says. itty bitty living space" when he's talking about the lamp he lives in

Snape ... the bravest man I wish I knew :')

Funny pictures about The Dark Knight meets Harry Potter. Oh, and cool pics about The Dark Knight meets Harry Potter. Also, The Dark Knight meets Harry Potter.

Harry Potter Christmas

Harry Potter films + Christmas // seriously, if I could study at Hogwarts , I'll celebrate christmas there! Back home on holidays? Hogwarts is my home!