Cut open a glow stick and shake the glow stuff in to a glass coca cola bottle and watch them glow at night

Cut a glow stick and pour it in to the coke bottle then shake it! And bam glow in the dark coke bottle! :O(Coke Bottle Lights)

Glow in the dark volleyball! This would be so fun to do!!!!

Glow in the dark volleyball! cut glow sticks and use a seringe to put in the ball also works with glow paint to ! Omg it would be fun to do this and play with it on the pool when we do the other glow stick stuff !

DIY tabletop s'mores maker made from upcycled Coca-Cola bottles.Cute idea for a backyard party.

DIY Tabletop S'Mores maker tutorial on

Warm up on fall nights with the family with these DIY tabletop s'mores. Our partner Melissa shows us how to make your own Coke bottle "campfire.

How To Make Glow Jars With Floating Colors, Tulle is the key! No, tulle just clumped down at the bottom.  Maybe it wasn't a strong enough type.  I'm going with glow-in-the-dark paint next time.

How To Make Glow Jars With Floating Colors

How to make a glow jar! Take a small mason jar and a 2 glow sticks. Then cut the glow sticks in half and empty into the jar. Screw on cap onto the jar and enjoy the sight of a beautiful glow jar.

The Awesometastic Bridal Blog: New Years DIY Week: Part 4

DIY Glow Jars Tutorial For each glow jar you will need: a jar two Glow Sticks scissors rubber gloves safety glasses Disclaimer: This is a project meant to be done by an adult – not a child! Purchase Glow Sticks and dig a jar out of your cupboard.

Put glow sticks in the ceiling fan

Glow sticks on Ceiling Fan Glow in the Dark. This would be fun for kids birthday parties, whenever I have them in like years. Glow in the dark theme

Coca-Cola Invents 16 Crazy Caps to Turn Empty Bottles Into Useful Objects | Adweek

Coca-Cola Invents 16 Crazy Caps to Turn Empty Bottles Into Useful Objects

The Coca-Cola company has come up with a great way for you to reuse those plastic bottles of Coke you buy. As part of it global sustainability program Coca-Cola has launched which is a line of 16 different caps that can be screwed on any bottle top to.

These glow stick ideas are SO MUCH FUN! There are so many amazing things you can do in the dark!

50+ Awesome Glow Stick Ideas

These glow stick ideas are SO MUCH FUN! Whether you choose one or two, or throw a whole party, turn off the lights, and be prepared for some evening fun!

Creative idea to recicle a bottle of coca cola

3 Cobalt Blue Wine Bottle Wall Flower Vases By Greatbottlesoffire 1 Coca Cola Hanging Coke Decor Vintage Kitchen Mothers Day Gift For Mom. nautical home decor. primitive home decor. home decor websites. linon home decor.

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Paint dots of glow paint on jars. Glow paint source is referenced here. One comment suggests super-charging these with black-lights for brighter jars.