Shade Garden by freeheartt33

Shade Garden: Really nice lush green planting. Love ferns and Hostas. Trouble is…

Fern and Hosta Garden | Ferns and hosta garden-love | Woodland Gardens

21 Easy Ideas to Beautify Your Yard

Brighten Shady Spots-Let in the light with shade plants that shine like high-wattage stars. Brian brightens a hillside planting of native bracken ferns with a swath of 'Patriot' hostas.

Stream bed in a shady garden

Shade Garden: Add a Water Feature. Install a stream or other water feature to give your garden extra sensory appeal with the sound of trickling water. A simple fountain and recirculating pump are all it takes to make garden magic.

Three Dogs in a Garden: A Bird-Friendly Shade Garden

A Bird-Friendly Shade Garden: the different shades of green play off one another, and even though the flowerbed is largely a single colour, the planting as a whole, reads as quietly "colourful".

Shade garden

Stunning Shade Garden Design Ideas

Shade Garden wood path with fabric or vinyl underneath to prevent weeds

shade garden - moist area with primroses and ligularia. Can we plant primroses, Suz? If your area retains moisture we might be able to do this.

Use a mirrored window to reflect an attractive part of your garden.

Three Dogs in a Garden: 10 Great Ways to Dress up a Wall or Fence Great way to repurpose our old window. perhaps a little spray paint to create the mirror.

Beautiful creeping jenny in shade garden by krista

shaded path (hostas in back, love the golden creeping jenny). Garden path is curving to back right of pin, a bit hard to see it. gorgeous shaded setting too!

Selv om vi bor på en hjørnegrund, og den en af vejene har gennemgående trafik, oplever vi haven som fredfyldt. Kun morgen og aften for...

Shade garden with fern, boxwood, ladys mantel, wild ginger and more. - Gardening Worlds

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PrivateMosaicGarden: A mix of perennials including several hostas

A mix of perennials including several hosta, a Brunnera, a Heuchera and a Pulmonaria.--Three Dogs in a Garden: Joe's Garden: Part 1