Lip tutorial

This installment of How to… is all about celebrating the beauty in your natural lip shape. With so many celebrities, models, reality stars and beauty-obsessed regular women opting to alter their natural lip shape through collagen and fillers, it may be ha


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Alright does this remind anyone of the Voyage of the Dawn Trader??? because I am freaking out right now....this was my favorite book in the Narnia sears' not the lion and the witch and the wardrobe (although that is still one of my favorites).

narnia painting voyage of the dawn treader could paint similar ideas, with things spilling out of portrait/frame

Cool DIY crayon art, I would probably do all blues or blues and greens; rainbow is a little too much for me

Such a cute painting. Stick it down - temporally - then heat crayons at top with hair dryer. Pull of objects and paint on couple under an umbrella.