"PRAISE THE ANDRASTE!..." XD Good job, Lavellan. You totes fit in. ~ Literally HOWLED with laughter!

"PRAISE THE ANDRASTE! Then again when my Hawke was a mage the Templars didn't have a bloody clue. Maybe it's a Clark Kent thing?

Fighter party

Dragon Age Inquisition Warriors - Blackwall, Cassandra, The Iron Bull (by Ymirr)

True story, bro. Love my Hero, though she's not as angst-y as this one...looks pretty similar, and she does have a daughter in my personal canon...

In a nutshell: Dragon Age Inquisition- The Hero of Ferelden by AlexielApril on deviantART

Solas past to present. From ancient Arlathan to modern Thedas.

silentstephi: “ruxandralache: “Some Solas concepts, past to present. Had this in my PC for a while now, been messing with it between commissions.

“Magic can’t be made safe and it can’t be destroyed. Fear makes men more dangerous than magic ever could”“You know Daisy”, Varric sighs, tone warring between fondness and frustration “That’s a mighty good and sound sentiment. The sad thing is, I think people would be more preoccupied with the fact that you’ve written it in blood”

Magnifique elfe sauvage / Watercolor Teas<---- If Daisy's dangerous just because she's a blood mage, I'm a hippo.

dorian its magic meme - Google Search

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Dorian's Magic i can just see Dorian holding a bag full of "borrowed" items and guards surround him and he is just like *puushhh*