Possibly have polished concrete for downstairs floor in this colour


I am in love with this minimalist Scandinavian interior, the polished concrete floors and uncomplicated detailing is perfect. This is an apartment just on the outskirts of Copenhagen.

Всё лучшее в стиле ЛОФТ LOFT, РУСТИК и СТИМПАНК | ВКонтакте

A beautiful outdoor space in the heart of Amsterdam. Rustic wood plank table, mossy, brick patio floor and big, open windows

lounge room interior mostard velvet chair leather sofa interior greens

Velvet Interior Inspiration

The term Loft is generally used to describe an upper story or attic in a building, in other words the space directly under the roof. A loft apartment, on the other hand, refers to a large adaptable open space, often a former industrial building or other type of space converted for residential use. T

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