Disney inspired ring designs

Disney/Princess inspired rings: Alice - we're all mad here Anna -the first time in forever Ariel - part of your world Aurora - once upon a dream


Rings for each element in Avatar: the last airbender (atla air fire water earth aang korra four elements greek metal elemental jewelry four nations fandom white lotus ootwl air nomad fire nation earth kingdom water tribe) THE GEEK IN ME

Princess Aurora inspired engagement ring. Links to Buzzfeed article - 10 Outrageously Expensive Disney Princess Inspired Rings - Sleeping Beauty

10 Outrageously Expensive Disney Princess Inspired Rings

Disney Princess Inspired Rings~Aurora~Yellow gold softly ripples among pink tourmaline and diamonds, creating an understated heart motif around the center stone, a pink sapphire.

This is what Disney themed engagement rings look like... -   Misc

Disney inspired engagement rings-Ok, two things: is not the evil queen. the heck did they do to Wendy? Combine her with the princess from the Black Cauldron?