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Picasso and his muse and last wife, Jacqueline Roque.

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Pablo Picasso pictured with his second wife Jacqueline Picasso. Picasso was a man of many contradictions: often kindly and sensitive, he could also be selfish, tyrannical and domineering

How Picasso who called all women goddesses or doormats drove his lovers to despair and even suicide with his cruelty and betrayal

Pablo Picasso and Jacqueline Roque

Picasso e i suoi capolavori

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Biografias: / musas Jacqueline Roque do Picasso mais odiado

Jacqueline Roque – she was the second Picasso’s wife. Their marriage lasted 11 years until his death, during which time he created more than 400 portraits of her. Picasso met Jacqueline in 1953 at the pottery when she was 27 years old and he was 72. He romanced her by drawing a dove on her house in chalk and bringing her one rose a day until she agreed to date him six months later.

jacqueline with flowers, 1954 jacqueline de profil droit III, 1958 jacqueline self portrait picasso & roque in his s.

Pablo Picasso and his sister, Lola, 1888.

Pablo Picasso and his sister, Lola,

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About Pablo Picasso: Pablo Ruiz Picasso, often referred to simply as Picasso, was a Spanish painter and sculptor. His full name is Pablo Diego José Franc.

Jacqueline Picasso

Pablo Picasso + Jacqueline Roque Dejected and alone, in 1953 Picasso met Jacqueline Roque at the Madoura Pottery where Picasso created his ceramics. In 1961 (when Picasso was she.

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Original lithograph of 1958 of Pablo PICASSO, printed in signed and dated in the plate, titled : Jacqueline. We also propose a large choice of rare editions, original works of Art signed by contemporary artists. Arts club are welcome

Pablo Picasso – The Bathers

Pablo Picasso – The Bathers