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mush simpler story then the other resurrection eggs for young children.

20 Extraordinary Easter Projects

Resurrection eggs:Teach children the true Easter story by finding 12 eggs filled with the timeline of Jesus' Resurrection. Also hide other eggs filled with treats but when they bring to you, you can go over the story with them.

Love these DIY Resurrection Eggs!  I've been looking for an idea that doesn't involve little items in eggs that my young ones will lose or put in their mouths.

DIY Resurrection Eggs: Tell the Easter Story

DIY Resurrection Eggs: Tell the Easter Story. How to make wooden resurrection eggs to use year after year.

#1 Donkey - The disciples brought the donkey and placed their cloaks on it for Jesus to sit on and Jesus entered Jerusalem. Matt 21:6-10.  #...

Guest Post: 20 Resurrection Eggs for Easter

Easter- printable resurrection eggs that match Benjamin's Box and the resurrection eggs by Family Life.

"Benjamin's Box" and the "Resurrection Eggs" By: Family Life . Easter printable resurrection eggs that match

Story In An Egg Carton 1 cracker last supper; 2 (3) dimes betrayal; 3 feather denial b/4 rooster crows; 4 thorns; 5 cross; 6 nail; 7dice; 8 black paper (darkness); 9 sponge; 10 cloth; 11 stone; 12 empty to show Christ is risen!

Resurrection Eggs - FHE last night.the kids really liked it, especially Tori.

Make your own resurrection eggs with plastic easter egg - ideas for kids. From faithfulprovisions.com

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Making these today - read verses & open eggs with little found tokens to symbolize the death & resurrection of Jesus Such a good way to engage children in a visual & tactile way, to make the story more memorable to them.

Resurrection Eggs  - Made our own last year! worked wonderfully, need to remind the children to find theirs for this years Lent.

Check to see if any are different than your 20 Resurrection Eggs ~ Resurrection Eggs with Printables