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Cats~Eyes "Nature breaks through the eyes of the cat." --Irish Proverb I'll be watching YOU!Recently Mickey has been staring into our eyes like he is trying to send vibes into us.it has been amazing, he already thinks he is human!

Sugar and Spice

Silver Somali Cat I wish Anabelle wasn't so territorial so we could get her a Silver sister. So pretty.

My 6 year raw food detox journey: before & afters pictures! Plus 7000 pictures of my favorite fashion, makeup, travel, architecture inspiration.

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Detox Basics Course: part Increasing Oxygen video Detox Basics Course: part Blue vs.

28 Funny Animal Pictures Of The Day

28 Funny Animal Pictures Of The Day

Cats - Katzen

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That's not how you use a cat door!

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** " Me 'vant to drink yer blood, but can't cuz of veganism.