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Yes, a real woman doesn't concern herself with drama. She gets rid of the people that cause problems in her life and move on like they never existed.

half goddes half hell

She is a goddess, a warrior Worth more than her weight in gold She is a guardian, a nurturer With spirit young and soul of old She has words for all occasions And is wise beyond her years She has a heart as big as oceans And will always face her fears

Getting better with my mouth though!!

Everyone hears the mouth, Everyone can see the the drive, desire and fire in the soul, but very few will ever know about the heart it is there and even when hearing or damaged it stays undercover in a thick skin. Lots of scar tissue between them and me.

I'm A Strong Women Attitude.

So true I might be down for a bit but I will always be better than those that try to bring me down then I will get back up and become stroger than before.

Confidence comes from experience

There is a beauty in a woman whose confidence comes from experiences; a woman who knows she can fall, pick herself up, and move on.