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Illustration Art

Kaye Blegvad   cats

Kaye Blegvad – Ilustracion y mas

Kaye Blegvad is wonderful. Cat faces illustration print by kayeblegvad on Etsy.

People watching

From UK-based Irish illustrator David J. MacMillan - love his colours and what I assume is his use of pastels and coloured pencils and crayons. Love the distorted proportions and childlike renderings and his ordered messiness.

illustration - Ana Albero / ILLUSTRATION

Parents’ ABC: V My illustration for the parent’s column in Missy Magazine: “V wie Verantwortung” (about being responsible parents)

Emily Fluen Illustration

Emily Fluen Illustration

Nuns do have fun

I'll have nun of that nunsense! Nuns Having Fun by By Nada Hayek