MORE THAN THIS by Patrick Ness | Design by Matt Roeser

More Than This by Patrick Ness. Book design by Matt Roeser. This is an Amazing book!

Helmo for La Gaité Lyrique.                                                                                                                                                                                 Más

Gaîté Lyrique: Editorial Design by Helmo

programme Gaîté Lyrique - Helmo (France) Nt: the work of art on a page and the texture about wat we feel abt that on the other

Stories in the Stars: An Atlas of Constellations

Flashback to 2014 Anthropologie EU Stories in the Stars: An Atlas of Constellations - travel the night sky and discover the stories yet to be told.

Joanna Hobbs Design / Blog: INSPIRED BY / FOOD& IDENTITY

Wow, we love the old-fashioned feel, simple and smooth color palette, and that wonderful logo embosser! Sharyl says A logo embosser? What a cool idea

Searching to find ideas with regards to wood working? provides them!

Prototypebook / Ai Sasaki: VOYAGE Inspiration - Map the world, map opens up to reveal daily journey. ******** reminds me of a childhood game = interactive publication

PPT design inspiration

Graphic Design - Graphic Design Ideas - Something to make you think Graphic Design Ideas : – Picture : – Description Something to make you think -Read More –

I keep a journal myself. But having this, writing a story in it and giving it as a gift is something that would be nice.

21 Minimalist Products That Might Turn You On

The Triangle Notebook by Tan Mavitan. I made a triangle notebook the other day, but it wasn't nearly this snazzy looking

#Walsworth Haltom High School, Haltom, Texas #AskMike

When I look at this page I got a vision of potentially having something with the exchange students telling their stories. Or we could use this for maybe hearing some teachers stories.