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Fuzzy pony... cuteness overload <3

♥Norwegian Fjord Horse, beautifully sweet eyes and a face that will melt your heart❤

Breed Chart: Horses

Horse breeds: The falabella ponies are the smallest know to man, reaching to only about 3 ft. Tall when fully grown! Pony of the Americans is a awesome horse for kids. They have a perfect slope in their backs so it's easy to stay on, even bareback.

My next horse will be a Norwegian Fjord horse. My heritage. The Norweigan horse dates back to prehistoric times.

Fjord Pony, one of which appears in my short story, Ice Castle at the Top of the World

Norwegian Fjord Mare & colt - from Heels down, Hopes up.

Norwegian Fjord Mare & colt - from Heels down, Hopes up.

Mongolian kids

Meet the Mongolian Horse. There are more of these little horses living in Mongolia than there are people. They’re small in stature, but aren’t considered ponies. They’re used as starter horses to teach small children to ride from a very young age.

Norwegian Fjord horse, see you can ride them too :)

Thought they always had a white nose and also a black stripe in their manes instead of brown

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