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True life

The realities of math class. This was my reality with math from middle school through college. Maybe once all my kids are in school I should take a math class and sharpen my skills.

When I'm being abnormally quiet, I am either about to blow up, need a hug, falling apart, crying inside, or all of the above.

falling apart inside when I am quiet. Unfortunately, this is me at work almost all the time now!

SO ME, okay some guy may have been in love with me, but they didn't say a word if they are!<<<<< This made me sad because it's true, for me at least.

Teenager Post - Family: Your so pretty! I bet tons of guys are falling for you! School: Someone poke it with a stick, see if it bites

Exactly! Why do people (especially boys) think that when we're sarcastic and depressed, we want them to leave? We want you to stay...

Have fun

or it just means i rllly like you and consider you a close enough friend to be extra sarcastic with lol

Somebody called me cute 4 years ago and I still think about it..   --hc

Any compliment I've ever gotten is engrained in my memory because they're all so special. Everyone should compliment others more often

Add to the list. I'm sorry I haven't been on. Who missed me?!

Those stringy things on bananas though, never really thought about it but so true

ive got the time, but im broke cuz i buy random crap when i go into walmart....... anyone else???

Do you ever just want to revamp your bedroom and buy new clothes and totally reinvent yourself but then realize that it takes time and money? story of my life

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