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[SET OF GIFS] "You can't stay here." 9x03 I'm No Angel - and I lost it and I CRIED!! This is my heart and soul, shattered and destroyed, broken and bleeding on the ground. #DeanBreaksCasAGAIN #ItHurts

I hadn't felt this betrayed by a scene since Sam pretty much gave Dean to the rapey vampire.

[SET OF GIFS] 9x03 I'm No Angel - heart = shattered #ItHurts

[SET OF GIFS] I'm No Angel -- You know that moment of terror when your toddler gets out of your sight for a hot minute in a store? And as soon as you find him safe, you don't know whether to throttle him or scoop him up and hug him til he squeaks?

[SET OF GIFS] 9x03 I'm No Angel - Cars finally got some!!! #IWannaBeAReaper

[SET OF GIFS] I'm No Angel, Dean it's ok sweety he's still your innocent little angel deep inside

Break my heart a little more why don't you...

'Okay, but this hurt a lot because Dean is trying to prove he's messed up and belongs in the mental ward, and he is doing so by answering truthfully' . Poor baby :C

Well there goes my heart, its not like I needed it anyways.

Well there goes my heart, its not like I needed it anyway. I always cry when Dean cries. because if it's heartbreaking enough for tough-guy Dean to shed a few tears, it's devastating enough to completely rip my heart out.

Oh yeah ‍♀️❤️

Supernatural has officially consumed my brain. it's just too funny and yes I did sing along who doesnt know that song and doesnt sing along