Quick to read others but not quick enough to express them.

A very Sherlock reaction. My favorite scene in all of Sherlock

SH BBC - U think so? by Sadyna on deviantART

Sherlock and John. This is the exact moment when Sherlock decides that he can get along with John. Geek Pride,I am SHER-locked,I Am Sherlocked.

Rubix cubes and Sherlock...

it's a wonderful thought that john could solve a rubik's cube faster than sherlock. :D <<the doctor likes Rubik's cubes too


literally the entire sherlock cast

"Now, I found, that the world is round and of course it rains everyday.  Living tomorrow, where in the world will I be tomorrow? How far am I able to see? Or am I needed here?" -Bee Gees

Sherlock and friends getting ready for bed! :D (I decided to put them all together so they didn't have to be separate pins ^_^)<<< awww

Today Is Sherlock Holmes Day! Here Are 14 Sherlock Insults To Crush Your Enemies

Today Is Sherlock Holmes Day! Here Are 14 Sherlock Insults To Crush Your Enemies

Today Is Sherlock Holmes Day! Here Are 14 Sherlock Insults To Crush Your Enemies---> I really needed a collection of these!

I need to fire arms

I laughed so hard when I saw John's picture at the bottom! I don't ship Johnlock but this had me cracking up.<<<---I do ship Johnlock and this made me cackle! Lets all laugh together yay!

Sherlock & Jawn conversation

Why does the first selfie Sherlock takes look better than all of mine?

All the feels....all of them

I feel like Sherlock is very innocent when he says, "This is my friend, John Watson." And when John corrects him, he looks sad. Like he thought he really had someone to call a friend. WHY MUST YOU HURT ME IN THIS WAY? ^^ohmigod you said it so well.

John loves Sherlock and Sherlock loves John Happy Valentines Day

Because he doesn't like killing. He craves the danger but he doesn't like the idea of killing even the dog. That's why he closes his eyes. < also most people just close their eyes when then shoot a gun.


Definitely my favorite Johnlock !

the three people Sherlock protected

DAMN IT ALL Sherlock is even back and I still can't handle the feels with the fall!!

Martin Freeman is the PERFECT John Watson. He read Sherlock almost as quickly as Sherlock read him!

wow this is not okay

The first and last episode of Sherlock aired. This is so sad. Just stab my heart.

John > anything Moriarty has to offer lol

But Sherlock has John. Seriously, I say this a lot, but I don't ship johnlock, they just always have really cute stuff like this.<<< You ship Johnlock you just dont know it