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lol I love Jensen's "yeah I'm wearing her hair; and? I don't see the problem here"

Jensen is wearing that girl's hair and Jared's trying to bite it. And yet, we accept this and move on." <--- hmm I could totes do this if I ever met them as my hairs 2 times longer but if I only had one shot I'd want an epic one! :D

Omg, I love this :D

Sam Winchester Is A Closet Nerd--nerd is an arbitrary term because as I've said I think Sam is the "academic nerd" while Dean is the pop culture nerd. I mean Dean must keep up with things as much as he possibly can

The gang was bowling in Seattle! Posted by

supernaturallllllllll <3

Yes there is another picture of them doing this pose, but it's not appropriate for this board. So we will all have to do with this picture

Meanwhile Misha Collins

gayoverlordmisha: “ sometimes i just stare at this picture for minutes and whisper misha you’re 8 years older than jared ”

Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles attend The CW Network's 2017 Upfront at The London Hotel on May 2017 in New York City.