Tea, of course. Honestly, I was hoping that a tumblr angel would rise up and comment "you. He has only eyes for you." InsPINatinal <-- see what I did there ? Anyways, never forget that you are good enough to be compared to Tom Hiddleston's tea. <---- THIS. @Suzanne, with a Z Satterfield I am so proud of my accomplishment in this description.

Hahahaha Hiddleston's true love is tea. Thank you for being so British, Tom.

Sasslock Holmes

Sasslock Holmes> The funny thing is, my family has had so many false alarms (greasy oven) that I just try to find the fire alarm, or a coat to flap at it if I respond.

I didn't know whether to put this in my Hiddlestoned or Benny Batch... so we shall pin twice. lol

Sherloki and Hiddlebatch. I'm pinning this soley for the phrase "made of unicorn smiles and butterfly milk" Obviously, I could have named my board 'Hiddlebatch' but I didn't, purely for the sass of Sherloki. Love it!

Lol ~Sherlock bbc

23 Best Tumblr Jokes Of 2014

Do you want to phone a friend? I don't have friends <------ that comment haha xD

He said he was pretending to be gay in in his first episodr but i really dont believe that

The fandom going insane waiting for more Sherlock. "The man with the key is king and honey you should see me in a crown.

How does he do it?<--I'm convinced he's either and alien or has superpowers, although he could be from krypton...

Benedict, in and out of character XD this makes me happy. I love this man.