Give us this day our daily Dean.   #JensenAckles

I always look to see is Dean is wearing the amulet. Even in photos I know are after he tossed it, just to see if its been snuck back in, however, I'm pretty Jensen wanted it gone as it hit him in the face a lot.

Jensen ❤️

Jensen Ackles ♥◡♥ at the Saturn Awards 2016 CREDITS to the owner ;) Awards June 2016 in Burbank, California

Perfect casting

Big Dean, little Dean SO PERFECT. It's like they got a time machine and found jensen when he a teen. I think somebody should make a picture of all the ages of the boys.


Has anyone ever noticed that in the Redhood Movie that Jensen Ackles plays him. And the similarities in character! Very suspicious?

I like him. He says Okie-dokie.

Welcome to my obsession with Dean & Jensen. A Dean & Jensen sandwich, with me in the middle. Newly minted writer and a Guppy in the SPN Fanfic Pond.

I never wanted this to end... -10x09 The Things We Left Behind.

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Dean Winchester

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Jensen and Danneel

The Lovestory of Jensen and Danneel Ackles I guess I’ll start of with why I’m making this post. Basically I am sick of seeing people with their morbid fantasies that Jensen and Danneel shouldn’t be.