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Dean's "don't screw with Sammy look.

Whenever your in trouble just ask yourself "what would Dean Winchester do?"

Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester Credit: The WB/Michael Courtney

Dean moments

Teaching kids how to knee a deserving bully in the jewels, one city at a time.

I agree

His glare just liquified my bed'

If demons look like...

Demon Dean, definitely send me to hell. Especially if Crowley is the King of Hell!

This is funny because I love the show...real life stalking is in fact creepy, no matter how cute they are.

I want one.Dean can stalk me anytime.

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I almost screamed! Everyone spread thw news season 12 is already gonna happen!


What would happen. Who might get hurt. Your brother, for one. Because of a choice you made.'' / Dean & Sam Winchester, quote from Alex Annie Alexis Ann

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Dean Winchester, ladies and gentlemen ♥

Thinman, Dean is not amused.

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I don't care that this gif is just dean's facial expression I love it

Giving Jared a run for his money in the fabulous hair department. In. My. Soul.

True :) Dean Winchester's season 9 hair is an emotion that can be felt in the soul

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Supernatural 11x14 The Vessel // Lucifer!Cas: You're like the girl who kept turning me down at the prom.

Supernatural The Vessel // Lucifer!Cas: You're like the girl who kept turning me down at the prom. (except you've never been to a prom because you've been in the cage for all the time you weren't taking over the world)

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