Okay, I already pinned this, but I just watched this episode yesterday, and NOW IT JUST MAKES ME SAD!

[gifset] i never shipped jo and dean. idk, she just really always seemed more like a little sister. but this seriously hit me right in the feels. i think it's deans face. It makes ne sad.

[gifset] 10x20 Angel Heart #SPN #Dean #ClaireNovak

Supernatural Angel Heart // D "If we stay coped up in this motel room all night long, I'm going to lose my mind." C "Spoiler alert: You already have.

8x21 The Great Escapist [gifset] :: Sam bravely resists the urge to correct Dean. Good on ya, Sam

- Season 8 Episode 21 I smiled so much right here I don't like being referred to as Indian, that was a mistake because dumb Columbus thought he was in India 🙄

Im like 100% sure Sam said 'i love you' to Dean in this scene which makes it even more heartbreaking :')

"Dean saying goodbye to Sam "Alpha and Omega" [gifset]" What! Why is Dean saying goodbye to Sam? Please bring Season 11 to the Uk!

Meanwhile After Dean's Encounter With The Fairies ~Supernatural

His face in that last frame kills me. Soulless Sam caught alot of flak, but I personally loved him.



He's CAS'S role model. Cas looks up to Dean like a big brother. The kind of big brother Cas never got to have because all of his angel brethren were dicks with wings. The brave, stoic, goofy big brother that Cas admires and respects. Dean is Castiel's role model.

My heart. This is basically Castiel saying two things. Dean was a role model for Sam their entire lives. Dean is CAS'S role model. I repeat: MY HEART. They're friendship is just so great. :O <<< really FRIEND_ship? More like OTP