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Stiles and lydia .uhmmm are meant to be

Stiles and lydia .uhmmm are meant to be

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Mean Wolf. (Mean Girls meets Teen Wolf) hahahahaha

Stiles & Coach are my favorite. They're both funny which makes it hilarious when they go head to head

Stiles & Coach Love Stiles' face at the end LOL

"They're always hitting it off"

I gotchoo!

Stiles, Scott, & Isaac - Teen Wolf - Typical Stiles! Lol

Human sacrifices-too far fetched for the werewolves

The stydia family would be great ❤

Lydia Martin, Stiles Stilinsk - STYDIA FAMILY

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Teen Wolf summary.

A teen wolf summary.

Teen Wolf I swear this is the most embarrassing moment ever to happen on this show.

One of the funniest scene lmfao



My heart just melted

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Duhh Lydia! You're Supposed To Call After You Find The Dead Body

Teen Wolf-Stiles and Lydia (Dylan O'Brien & Holland Roden)

:D dylaan

Stiles - Danny take responsibility for your dream!

Funny Teen Wolf quote. I just love the fact that isaac has no clue what's going on but joins in anyway.

You are the hottest girl! Yes you are!

I loved Matt! I was sad when Stephen Lunsford was killed on the show.

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