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Yes it does...but keep going.

Sometimes this is the only thing that gets me into my running shoes and out the door - starting over after all that work SUCKS


Wear High Heels? Do These Stretches For Instant Relief

A short run is better than no run! in Northville, MI is a 30 minute full body workout with no class times and a trainer with you every step of the way! The workouts change daily so there is no chance of boredom, and we can keep the workout fun and s

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Running truly is a gift. Take advantage of it! Clear your mind and feel better about you :) - Nike - Just Do It

Just RUN. #running #motivation

Just Run. The competition isn't other runners, it's the voice inside your head telling you to quit!

Running Challenge Week 6: Outside or Treadmill? - Delicious Knowledge

Running Challenge Week 6: Outside or Treadmill

Not much of a long distance runner but I can keep pace for a good while enough to feel like a runner. Best part of going is its my time to just be me with nature. Clears my mind, get a workout, and keeps me healthy.

Thought about stopping... then ran harder!

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People ask."how can you get up and run"  "Why, do you run in the rain?".."Why do you run...period?"   When I run, I control every step.. i control every turn...I listen to the music and I feel like I'm running to the soundtrack of my life :)...  I'll run/do cardio as long as I can!

No Excuses! Motivational Quotes to Get You Moving

"Wow, I Really Regret That Workout." -- Laff.

Haha funny and so true! I never regret a workout. I only regret NOT working out!

Everything is ok because ...

Increase Speed and Endurance with Fartlek Training

Does an ordinary day in your life comprise of getting up in the morning : For Busting that Stress : #running

11 Reasons Why You Should Start Running

The other day while I was running, I was tired and wanted to give up. Then I started thinking about reasons why I love running. Here are a few I can remember now: I love running because.

Run Hard.  Dont take it for granted http://media-cache8.pinterest.com/upload/40673202854741693_zPoml8Tq_f.jpg mrein191 be strong

Going to do exactly this when my back heals. You never want to workout more in your life than the times you physically can't. I can't imagine this being a permanent thing.