Shinichi Maruyama

Shinichi Maruyama présente Water Sculptures et Kusho

Issey Miyake stiil life photography by Iris Velghe _

Iris Velghe

Yves Klein

pnguye: “ Yves Klein - Anthopometries “Klein experimented with various methods of painting, using rollers and sponges and experimenting with different surfaces. This experimentalism would.

Yves Klein Blue + Fashion & Interiors

In fact he invented and patented his own special blue: IKB – International Klein Blue.


Freshhues Brushstrokes from Design Seeds - Cloud White, Blue Smoke, Indigo Sky, Warm Light

Windows. #color #blue #inspiration

Blue building by Pilar Almagro Paz (looks like a horizontally compressed exterior of a Hong Kong building)

Painting of Waves by Takata Kiseki | From a unique collection of antique and modern paintings and screens at

Painting of Waves by Takata Kiseki

Looking for a nice blend of the swirly, drawn base tattoo and some more realistic waves/breakers