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10 Horrible Deep Sea Creatures

The Furious Fangtooth Fish. Found only deep within the bowels of the world’s oceans, the Fangtooth Fish is surprisingly harmless. So harmless, in fact, that their scientific name comes from Greek anoplo meaning “unarmed” and gaster meaning “stomach”.

Zombie Fish (Just kidding I have no idea what this is)

A deep-sea lanternfish. I came across this image on another page that brought up the "Innsmouth Look." They're kind of ugly-cute.

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orboleta do mar – também no mar de weddel, foi encontrada esta criatura ultra-estranha. Estes animais são sempre bem diferentes em formas e cores, e por isso, são chamados de borboletas do mar.

Criaturas inacreditáveis do fundo do mar - parte 2

Sea Butterfly photographed by Ingo Arndt. Tiny marine shelless snails known as sea butterflies take many forms, including heart-shaped, such as this species in Antarctica's Weddell Sea. via National Geographic

Those fish though.

Funny pictures about Strange creatures of the sea. Oh, and cool pics about Strange creatures of the sea. Also, Strange creatures of the sea.

O nome deste organismo é esponja árvore ping-pong (Chondrocladia lampadiglobus). O nome e a aparência são engraçados, mas elas não dão mole. Vivem filtrando a água e caçando pequenos animais e não são apenas seres microscópicos, sendo uma das esponjas mais vorazes do planeta. E você achava que as esponjas não faziam nada de especial, né?

The aptly named Ping-pong tree sponge (Chondrocladia lampadiglobus) is a carnivorous sponge. Those ping-pong ball looking things are covered in tiny spicules which the sponge uses to catch tiny crustaceans.

Another Mysterious Deep Sea Creature:  Scientists continue to be amazed at what they're finding! #cryptozoology #strange_creature #pink_lobster #deep_sea

Another Mysterious Deep Sea Creature

Newly discovered deep sea lobster Dinochelus Ausubeli, found in deep ocean waters near the Phillipines.

Chondrichthyes: Holocephali (chimaeras, sometimes called ghost sharks, which are sometimes separated into their own sub-class).. Pretty strange looking creature.

A deep-sea chimaera—a cartilaginous fish related to sharks—seen by the Little Hercules in the Sulawesi Sea. Its snout is covered with tiny pores capable of detecting perturbations in electrical fields generated by living organisms. Image courtesy of NOAA