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10 Horrible Deep Sea Creatures

The Furious Fangtooth Fish. Found only deep within the bowels of the world’s oceans, the Fangtooth Fish is surprisingly harmless. So harmless, in fact, that their scientific name comes from Greek anoplo meaning “unarmed” and gaster meaning “stomach”.

This strange looking creature is the Pompeii Worm, a deep sea creature with red tentacle-like gills on their heads that can withstand extreme temperatures.

The deep-sea Pompeii Worm (Alvinella pompejana or "bristle worm"), an extremophile found only at hydrothermal vents in the Pacific Ocean, and the most heat tolerant animal on earth. It was discovered in the early


Creatures from The Mariana Trench Anglerfish Flashlight Fish, Links to about 20 bizarre deep sea creatures.

Amazing Sea Creatures #Hatchetfish

7 (More!) Weird Wonders of the Marine Animal World

orboleta do mar – também no mar de weddel, foi encontrada esta criatura ultra-estranha. Estes animais são sempre bem diferentes em formas e cores, e por isso, são chamados de borboletas do mar.

Criaturas inacreditáveis do fundo do mar - parte 2

Did you know that over 70% of the surface of our planet (Earth if you didn’t know) is covered with water? This impressive figure is enough to wake all kinds of surprising questions about how much we really know about life in the oceans. Especially if we stop thinking about the huge number of species that live there and Wikipedia has not written about them yet!

Fangtooth (Anoplogaster cornuta) has bony, hard body, unlike most deep sea fish, Eastern Pacific by Norbert Wu

strange but real - deep-sea-life Photo

strange but real - deep-sea-life Photo' and some people wonder why I don't like to swim in anything but a swimming pool.

Scientists hope to learn about the potential for life on other planets by studying how these creatures have manged to thrive without relying on the sun's rays for energy

Monsters of the deep: Tiny sea creatures that never see sunlight look like they're from another planet

Polychaetes, or bristle worms, are a class of deep-sea-dwelling annelid worms. Thanks to a new macro photo gallery of them on the Telegraph& website, it& safe to say bristle worms are also TERRIFYING. Here are six examples of why.

Colorful Jellyfish Species - 365 funny pics

Never thought I would be calling a Jellyfish Beautiful, but this picture is really, really, beautiful! so nice